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In February 2024 Chirton Pips Preschool merged with Chirton C.E. Primary School. 

Mrs Bekker-Wrench is our Head, whilst Sarah Jones continues to Manage Pips.

We have always worked closely with Chirton School, and now find that we are able to support and work even closer with them for example:

  • Hope Class have joined Pips Forest School Sessions on a Monday morning. Building relationships with the reception staff and children.

Chirton C.E. Primary School was last inspected on 17 & 18 May 2023.  They received an overall judgement of 'good' but are particularly proud of the 'outstanding' result they received in personal development.

Click here to access the school website;


Children at Pips who are going to school are given the opportunity to visit Chirton C.E Primary School.  This helps with their transition to school giving them the opportunity to experience a different environment and meet new teachers and staff.  This benefits all of the children even those not going to Chirton.

Chirton School also offers Breakfast and Afterschool Club and this is open to the Pre-school children.  One of Pips ladies helps out with Afterschool Club a couple of evenings a week.  If you are interested in finding out more about these clubs please follow the link...

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