Forest School


Our Manager, Sarah Jones completed her 'Forest School Level 3' training in July 2015 and updated her First Aid Training in June 2018 to an Outdoor First Aid qualification which included Paediatric First Aid Training.


'Forest School' is a learning process that takes place in a woodland or natural environment over a long period of time.  It incorporates the seasons, and helps to develop a relationship between the child and the natural world.  Forest Schools promote an holistic approach to all those who are involved in it, developing resilience, confidence, independence and helps them to become creative thinkers.  Children are given the opportunity to take risks whilst being supported by practitioners who recognise the importance of play and have the ability to reflect on their practice and the development of children.


'Forest School' learning provides experiences that engage children and activate the brain in ways that aren't just theoretical and academic, supporting children who learn best through being active.  Practitioners help the children become independent and creative learners by allowing them to make choices that are personally directed, whilst the children explore the natural world they develop their imaginations and begin to develop a variety of responses to the imaginary challenges they encounter.  The children may have to work together on a project, this will promote team building, conversation and resilience if they have to try a variety of ways to make it work, resulting in creative thinkers. Climbing trees, making dens, learning about plants and trees all helps to promote the children's confidence and independence.


As they succeed in their chosen activities their confidence and self esteem grow.


Twice a week, on a Monday and Friday mornings we take our children to the woods, where they are given the freedom to play, explore and learn.  We go out in all weathers believing 'that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!'  We ask that parents provide the children with the correct clothing and footwear so that their learning experience is a comfortable one.







Forest School Policies

Some of our Forest School Policies are listed here.  Please see our Forest School Policy Folder for the full list.

Forest School Children Protection Code of Conduct and Safe Practice

Forest School Play Policy

Forest School Volunteer Contract

Forest School Clothing Policy

Forest School Emergency Procedure

These Policies are reviewed by our Committee every year.