Our Preschool Day.....

8.50               Pre-school opens

                       Children self register and then come in to play

9.30               We have a short circle time - singing or story

9.40               The younger children have snack and the school leavers participate in 

                       an adult led activity.  This could be a letters and sounds one, mathematics

                       game or it could be based on their developmental needs.

10.00             Younger children go outside to play.  Older children have their snack.

                       Once they have finished they have the opportunity to go outside.

                       The children are free to choose where they play either inside or outside

11.40             All the children come in for a group activity and then to get ready for lunch

12.00             Lunch time. Some children leave.  Some children arrive.

12.45             Quiet reading whilst the adult clean and tidy after lunch

1.00                Some children leave Pips.  Free play inside or outside


2.40                Snack time

3.00                Pre-school finishes



Children who are 3 or 4 years old are entitled to 15 hours free funding (from the term after their third birthday), which is paid for by the Local Authority grant. For those children who like extra sessions, there will be a charge of £ 4.20 per hour.

For children who are 2 and not entitled to funding there is a charge of £5.32 per hour.

We are registered to take children entitled to 30 hour funding.  To find out if you are entitled please follow the link on the 

Health and Hygiene

Our pre-school promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high  standard of hygiene in its day to day work with the children. Parents are asked to provide a healthy packed lunch for their children. Information and advice on healthy lunches is always available. Children discuss the health benefits of healthy foods each mealtime at preschool.

Fund raising

We cannot survive on the fees alone so we undertake fund raising activities regularly. These vary from football tournaments, raffles, sponsored bike rides and different events organised for children and their families - not only from our pre-school, but including the wider community. Our Committee works really hard and has made fundraising an important part of our Preschool - this has had an amazingly positive impact on the environment and equipment we have available for your children to enjoy! We wouldn't be able to do this without help of so many people, and again ... baking a cake for raffle, or coming for an Easter Hunt ... it is all about support - always appreciated!

Parental Partnership

We believe that parents are the experts on their own child, therefore working together with them is  an essential part of our job.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children play is serious learning.

Play is really the hard work of childhood.

Fred Rogers